Vision Benefits

We combine research into current trends with client-specific data to recommend vision plan design options that promote overall health and wellness.

The MetLife 15th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study (2016) shows that more than half of employees say vision insurance is a "must have" benefit, but how do employers know that they are offering the right vision benefits program for their employees?

Pacific Resources has dug into the data to find the true net costs of vision care and what this means for employers and their employees. We can reprice a client’s experience and explain what their vision insurance costs would be by carrier and by procedure, thus creating a truly transparent vision benefits program.

Our consultative approach to vision benefits along with our research into current trends and client-specific data allow us to recommend vision plan design options that promote overall health and wellness. In addition, our strong relationships with carriers ensures that they offer high-quality educational tools for plan participants.

Our Work Includes:

  • Plan Design, Pricing and Funding Review
  • Plan Marketing and Implementation
  • Cost to the Consumer Assessment    
  • Claim and Process Audits
  • Claims Analysis
  • Plan Integration with Health and Wellness Programs
  • Network Evaluation (Access, Utilization, Net Effective Discounts, Quality)   
  • Education, Communication and Enrollment Support

Active and Retiree Vision Funding Solutions We Cover:

  • Cost containment
  • Group specific experience trend analysis
  • Utilization review (by service and provider)
  • Network review and disruption analysis
  • Evaluation of true effective discounts
  • Targeted communications on preventative services for future cost savings
  • Benchmarking studies
  • RFP development and market analysis
  • Carrier negotiation
  • Program placement and full implementation support
  • Ongoing service model