Pacific Resources’ Tatiana Rivera Named 30 Under 30 by Hispanic Executive

Pacific Resources’ Tatiana Rivera Named 30 Under 30 by Hispanic Executive


In honor of National Diversity week, we would like to highlight Tatiana Rivera, a senior consultant on our absence team. Tatiana is passionate about giving back to the Latine community and as a tribute to her work, was featured as one of Hispanic Executive’s 30 under 30 this year. Here, Tatiana describes what sparked her community involvement.


It’s been a journey back to my “Latinidad.” (Latina + identidad, which is the Spanish word for identity.)

I didn’t always embrace my Latinidad. Though I knew I didn’t look white and that my last name “gave me away,” I embraced assimilation. I wanted to prove I could accomplish anything, despite my culture and ethnicity.

I understood the subliminal messaging around me: being Latina was not something to be proud of. I thought I had to prove I wasn’t like “other Latinx.”

In 2017, I was lucky to find a mentor, a proud Afro-Latina, in my prior organization who guided me back to my Latinidad. She recruited me to join the company’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion efforts and advocated for me to receive leadership development exposure. She helped me realize I could and SHOULD embrace my culture because it matters.

Mentorship and representative leadership matter, too. Today, I mentor a young Latina with Denver Kids, and volunteer with Streetwise Partners helping first-generation college students with resumes and interview prep.

What gets me out of bed is knowing that I live with a purpose: to inspire and empower the Latinx community. And while I still strive to prove I can accomplish anything, it’s not despite my culture or heritage; it’s because of it.



We thank Tatiana for sharing her story and congratulate her on this achievement. You can read her article in Hispanic Executive here.

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