RFP & RFQ Facilitation
By the end of your career, you may be able to count on one hand the times you selected a new benefit plan administration provider. We can’t say the same.

Our team members have led hundreds of request for proposal (RFP) and request for quote (RFQ) processes. Thanks to this wealth of experience, herronpalmer offers tools, resources and experience to help you navigate the selection process.

As your companions on this high-stakes journey, we will support you by:

herronpalmer offers tools, resources and experience to help you navigate the selection process— from traditional to exchange solutions
  • Developing a comprehensive RFP or RFQ document, based on herronpalmer templates
  • Identifying qualified providers to participate in the RFP/RFQ process
  • Conducting a discovery session to address providers’ questions about the deal and enable you to learn about the providers’ capabilities
  • Releasing the RFP/RFQ to the market and managing all interaction with bidders
  • Assisting with reference checks
  • Analyzing and summarizing all RFP/RFQ responses for your review
  • Facilitating your review and scoring of RFP/RFQ responses pursuant to the selection of finalists
  • Scheduling site visits
  • Leading development of the site visit agenda
  • Comprehensively reviewing providers' solutions against clients’ business objectives for private healthcare exchanges
  • Coaching finalists to ensure a successful site visit for both the client and the provider
  • Facilitating site visits and the follow-up scoring and evaluation process
  • Communicating with finalists about topics to be covered in the best and final offer process
  • Securing and summarizing a best and final offer from each finalist
  • Facilitating your final decision and reporting the outcome to internal management as needed
  • Communicating the decision to finalists
  • Leading a debrief discussion with each bidder
  • Facilitating a meeting with the client and provider to transition from the sales process to implementation