Contract Negotiation
Let’s make a deal.

The herronpalmer team includes expert dealmakers who have negotiated contracts from both sides of the table involving all the major service providers. As a result, we have developed a keen understanding of the market’s best practices, as well as each provider’s negotiating tactics and positions on key terms and conditions. Because of this rich background, we enable our plan sponsor clients to finish the contracting process faster and with better terms and conditions than they could generally achieve on their own.

Whether you need comprehensive contracting support or an "over-the-shoulder" advisor to accompany you through the contracting process, herronpalmer has the tools and skills to help.

Whether you need comprehensive contracting support or an "over-the-
shoulder" advisor, herronpalmer has the tools and skills to help.
Comprehensive Support
  • Facilitate development of a contract negotiation strategy
  • Identify outstanding issues that need resolution
  • Convert RFP content into language and/or exhibits to be incorporated into the agreement
  • Coordinate with client staff and legal counsel to negotiate terms and conditions with the service provider
  • Manage all contract documents and prepare approved agreement and exhibits for execution by our client and the service provider
Over-the-Shoulder Support
  • Redline contract language proposed by the selected service provider for review by your counsel
  • Offer sample contract language where language is missing from the proposed terms and conditions
  • Propose alternative language when language provided by the service provider is incomplete, is not favorable to the client, or is not market competitive