We think of our clients' business as if it were our own.


We act as an extension of the benefits team, able to explore new ways to make the plans run efficiently and effectively for years to follow.

In the National Accounts arena, employers’ needs are varied and complex and we created our service model to be flexible and adaptable. We know that the work does not end upon the go-live date of a new program; for this reason, we continue to work with clients on their programs, partnering with clients and vendors, to monitor the plans and processes that we helped to build.

Each client has a designated account team led by an Account Executive and supported by a team of Account Managers. Account teams are available for any need at any time, beyond the RFP and implementation of programs. Pacific Resources’ Account Executives are tenured industry professionals, with an average of 22 years of industry experience, specializing in non-medical benefits.

We also have a team of non-medical benefits experts who partner with the account teams on a regular basis, helping to create informed solutions for large employers.

We maintain an underwriting and client analytics department, dedicated to monitoring claims experience, trends, reserving practices and ensuring pricing accuracy and competitiveness. Each client has an assigned underwriter who engages with the account team at the onset of our client relationship. The underwriting team spent many years underwriting for non-medical benefits carriers and has first-hand knowledge of the underwriting process from the carrier perspective. Our internal staff also includes a legal team, a consulting physician, a vocational rehabilitation consultant, and various subject matter experts in leave and disability.

The goal of our ongoing service model is to help clients (who are often understaffed) and carriers (who often rely on market norms) recognize, pursue and seize greater opportunity for their non-medical employee benefits. Our long history with our clients has proven this model to be successful.

Ongoing service is a cornerstone of our employee benefits consulting model:

Designated account team
Non-medical benefits experts
Subject matter experts
Underwriting & client analytics

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