We take an evidence-based approach to uncover the most effective disability plans, technology and claims processes for your specific productivity needs and employee demographics.

With our knowledge and expertise around streamlined claim processes, plan design risk management and competitive pricing, employees are ensured that their income is protected while employers protect themselves by maintaining optimal workforce productivity and overall profitability.

Our tenure in this field and our strong relationships with carriers mean that we have evaluated every disability provider out there – and can link you with the very best solution available for you.

We work with you to review your disability plans to see how you can save time and money – and reduce employee absences – all while being in full compliance with applicable laws. We also help with plan administration, claim management, return to work strategies, and the promotion of healthier behaviors that can reduce future claims.

Our Focus Includes:

  • Plan Design Pricing and Plan Funding Review
  • Claims and Reserve Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Benchmarking
  • Claim and Process Audits
  • Return To Work and ADA Advisory Services
  • Vendor Management/Development and Monitoring of Performance Guarantees
  • Marketing and Implementation of Coverages

Disability Solutions We Cover:

  • Self-Insured Short-Term Disability
  • Fully-Insured Short-Term Disability
  • Self-Insured Long-Term Disability
  • Fully-Insured Long-Term Disability
  • Statutory Disability
  • Long-Term Disability Reserve Buyouts
  • Individual Disability Income
  • Executive Disability