International Medical and Dental Renewal Review Leads to a Better Deal at Home and Abroad


Client: Fortune-ranked Consumer Products company


Our client had a participating contract for their international medical and dental insurance. They were facing a 5% renewal increase on both plans, due to a change in the carrier’s expense levels (retention).


The client wanted to know if they could renew the plan at a lower rate and with lower expenses.


Pacific Resources began by reviewing the client’s international medical and dental plan designs, rates and historical claims experience. Based on our extensive experience with participating contracts and our understanding of the appropriate expenses tied to this type of plan, we saw a way to reduce the carrier’s expense levels to those of similar sized clients.

We also identified trend factors in the renewal offer that were based on the carrier’s book-of-business experience, rather than on our client’s plan experience, which was fully credible.


Our thorough analysis confirmed there was margin in the renewal. Renegotiating the carrier’s expenses and using client-specific trend factors enabled us to mitigate the renewal and, as a result, the client received:

  • A rate pass on both lines;
  • A 10% reduction in expenses; and
  • An extended rate guarantee.