Benefits Administration and Technology Consulting

Because we don’t own a technology platform we can offer an independent assessment of all available technology options.

The constantly evolving benefits technology marketplace can make selecting a first time benefits administration partner or upgrading your current partner seem like an overwhelming prospect.  Pacific Resources’ experienced benefits administration practice helps clients navigate the rapidly changing benefits delivery landscape, including the technologies that drive many of today’s private exchanges. Because we don’t own a technology platform we can offer an independent assessment of all of the technology options that are available to help you choose the best solution to meet your needs.

Our ongoing relationships with key senior leaders in the benefits administration marketplace ensures we constantly have a pulse on the landscape.   

We understand that benefits administration is not "one size fits all," and that technological capabilities are only one part of selecting the right long-term partner.

That's why we thoroughly evaluate technology vendors on cost, features, account management and, should you desire it, support to find the best solution for you.

Our Focus Is on Helping Employers with Their:

  • Strategic Fit for Your Organization and Your Employees
  • Needs Assessment  
  • Cost
  • Current and Emerging Benefits Administration Technology Platforms
  • Evaluation of Vendors and Technology Partners
  • Education and Decision Making Support Tools    
  • Full Program Integration
  • Marketing and Full Service Implementation
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Solutions

An Objective Look at Each Benefits Administration Vendor:

Using a flexible but thorough process, we help HR leaders choose the best benefits administration platform to suit their needs and fit in their technology environment. With each vendor, we take a deep look at the areas below and match them to the client’s needs and gaps:

  • Product/Service Delivery
  • Configurability/Flexibility
  • Billing/Payroll Interface
  • Cost/Revenue Model
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Connectivity
  • Implementation/Account Management
  • Quality Assurance & Security