Improving Behavioral Health in the Workplace

The Carter Center, Pacific Resources and Sedgwick joined forces at The Productivity Summit to examine ways to improve workplace behavioral health and well-being

Behavioral issues such as depression and substance abuse are major drivers of disability, absenteeism and diminished productivity in the workplace. How can employers and their partners in the field of absence management take a more proactive and cost-effective approach to improve behavioral health and boost productivity?

On May 27 and 28, 2015, The Mental Health Program at The Carter Center hosted The Productivity Summit: Improving Behavioral Health and Well-Being in the Workplace in Atlanta, GA, an invitation-only event where participants discussed practical, new approaches to managing workplace behavioral health issues. Pacific Resources was proud to join Sedgwick as sponsors of the Summit.

Summit participants represent a wide range of stakeholders, including Fortune 1000 employers, absence management professionals and thought leaders from a range of fields including health promotion, corporate medicine, occupational health and behavioral health.

Download a summary document that outlines our discussions over the two-day summit, including key questions, recommendations and big ideas from Summit participants. 

Check out some video interviews of Summit participants below and get the Carter Center Journalism Resource Guide on Behavioral Health. 


Pat Purdy, VP of Strategic Solutions 
Pacific Resources


Dan Shaughnessy, Director, Disability, Wellness & Loss Prevention


Susan Campbell, Ph.D., Head of Wellness
American Airlines


Richard McDonald, Global Benefits & Health Resources
Johnson & Johnson


Joshua Feast, CEO and Co-Founder
Cogito Corporation


Dr. Ron Goetzel, PhD., Senior Scientist & Director
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Kimberly George, Senior Healthcare Advisor


Glenda Wrenn, MD, MSHP, Director of Behavioral Health for the Satcher Health Leadership Institute
Morehouse School of Medicine


Dr. Laura Kubzansky, PhD. 
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Dr. Robert Carr, Department of Health
Georgetown University

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