Client Services

As an extension of your benefits team, our expert staff takes on any challenge, providing day-to-day issue resolution for the long haul.

Services include:

Benefit Staff Training

We have developed training modules to educate our clients benefits staff on all aspects of Life, Accident (AD&D), Disability, Dental and Voluntary Benefits. From plan design and administration to financials and compliance, we also extend our knowledge and expertise to our clients third party administrators. Client-specific training and resource materials are identified and developed on a case-by-case basis to meet each clients needs.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Our in-house legal and compliance staff helps our clients keep up and comply with the dynamic legal and regulatory framework of non-medical benefits programs.

Market Research and Intelligence

We are profoundly tied to the non-medical benefits marketplace. We proactively advocate for our clients in developing new vendor solutions. By frequently meeting with the senior leadership and product development staff within each vendor, we present the business case and then drive them to develop programs and services that address both current and emerging client needs.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

We work with our clients on all aspects of program due diligence, from understanding recently acquired plans and associated costs/liabilities, to managing all transitional issues associated with a merger or acquisition, to the harmonization of all non-medical benefits plans into one cohesive plan.

Research and Surveys

Identifying and comparing industry trends allows us to help our clients develop strategies to drive improvement through their non-medical benefits programs. From our own book of business, as well as from outside sources, we gather and analyze experience data, plan provisions, employee experience, and administrative solutions for all non-medical programs.

Social Security Advocacy

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a benefit available to approximately 94 percent of all U.S. workers. However, employees seeking SSDI benefits are faced with a complex application and appeal process, multiple deadlines, and an average hearing backlog of over 500 days. While employees covered under a fully-insured Group LTD plan usually have the advantage of a carrier who can assist them through the majority of the process, there is a significant population of employees who have no resources to turn to during this difficult time. Pacific Resources has formed a strategic alliance with one of the nation’s best Social Security advocacy firms to help those not currently receiving assistance under their LTD plan. This firm is staffed with attorneys who specialize in the SSDI process and continues to experience exceptional approval levels. This firm has found success through leveraging the newest claim management technology and predictive modeling tools, and is viewed by the market as a true leader in Social Security Disability advocacy.

Vendor Management

We foster the development of meaningful and strategic relationships between our clients and their chosen service providers. A well-managed vendor relationship will result in higher satisfaction, reduced costs, better quality and better service from the vendor. From carrier selection to monitoring the ongoing activity of our clients’ programs, we coordinate all aspects of the vendors’ obligations. We provide insightful consultation, champion new projects and define change control processes. We monitor and maintain all aspects of the vendors’ programs, including contractual documents, process maps, performance guarantees, plan experience, financials, renewals, plan decisions, issue resolution and ongoing strategic planning. Vendor management seeks long term relationships over short term gains and marginal cost savings. Other benefits of a long term relationship are trust, preferential treatment and access to expert knowledge.

Unique Challenges

It’s not uncommon for our clients to present us with their most pressing challenges outside of the day-to-day functioning of their benefits plans. We face any challenge head-on and troubleshoot various solutions to provide our clients with best in class resolutions. Nothing is too unique or outside the box for us to resolve.

Enrollment and Communication Strategies

Whether its for annual enrollment or for an “off-cycle” initial benefits communication campaign, we work with all stakeholders to develop a targeted communication and enrollment plan that is cohesive and aligned with our client's overall branding and strategy. Our account team is directly involved in the development and fulfillment of all communication materials and the implementation of a successful enrollment program.

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Quick Facts

Over a third (37%) of those who have life and/or disability insurance either don’t believe their coverage is adequate or are not sure if it is adequate. 

MetLife’s 2014 Employee Benefit Trends Study