Dental Benefits

With employers so focused on the changing medical marketplace, dental benefits are often overlooked – even though research shows that employee rank dental as one of the most valued benefit coverages.   

Pacific Resources has dug into the data to find the true net costs of dental care and what this means for employers and their employees. We can reprice a client’s experience and explain what their dental costs would be by carrier and by procedure, thus creating a truly transparent dental benefits program.

Our consultative approach to dental benefits along with our research into current trends and client-specific data allow us to recommend dental plan design options that promote overall health and wellness. In addition, our strong relationships with carriers ensures that they offer high-quality educational tools for plan participants.

Our Approach to Dental Benefits

When we look at a client’s dental program, we begin with a 360° network evaluation, which is a true cost comparison of one network compared to another. We evaluate geographic access and disruption reporting, and conduct a thorough quality review, which includes the dentist certification process and ongoing quality checks. We also conduct regular vendor audits to ensure compliance with best practices and achievement of performance standards.

After this initial review, we apply our underwriting expertise to validate the initial pricing and renewal rates, self-insured “ghost rates,” and tier differentials. We conduct quarterly experience reviews and trend analyses so we can have a full view of the cost implications of all plan design considerations.

Because we provide relevant advice on the marketplace, funding options and trends, we can correlate client objectives with compatible plan and enrollment options to design the best dental solution for our clients and their employees.

⇒ Read our white paper Why Offer Dental Benefits: The Effect of Oral Health on Chronic Diseases.

Who We Are

PacRes has a long history of putting the client first. We don’t sell insurance products; rather, we consult with our clients and act as an independent and trusted benefits advisor.

Our experienced team helps clients design innovative dental benefit solutions that align with their long-term organizational goals. 

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Solutions We Cover for Active and Retiree Dental

  • Benchmarking studies
  • Carrier negotiation
  • Cost containment
  • Dentist recruitment and onboarding strategies
  • Evaluation of true effective discounts
  • Funding solutions
  • Group specific experience trend analysis
  • Network review and disruption analysis
  • Targeted communications on preventative services for future cost savings
  • Utilization review and geoaccess analysis (by service and provider)

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"With Pacific Resources, you get a team that is always ready to take on a new challenge and a partner who isn't afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone. You get personal service AND results."

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Dental caries (tooth decay) remains the most prevalent chronic disease in adults, even though it is largely preventable.

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research