At Pacific Resources, we understand that your department, more than any other in your company, is a reality checkpoint. And while you’re already careful about the money your company spends, it’s natural to be more cautious about any spend that is not traditionally viewed as revenue generating, the biggest being employee benefits.

We flip the notion of employee benefits as an expense on its head.

Non-medical employee benefits are exploding in significance. But offering these benefits doesn’t have to mean a bigger spend. What’s more, implementing a benefits program that precisely mirrors your workforce preferences can have a significant boost on productivity and growth. In short, it can give you a very positive impact on your bottom line.

But how can you be certain you’re offering your employees the most appropriate benefits from the best carriers?

More than just delivering savings.

Our expert advisors will vet, audit and provide objective advice on every detail of your non-medical benefits program to ensure that it fits the needs of your workforce. At the same time, we’ll make sure your program meets your financial requirements, providing relevant options without additional spend. In other words, we’re not only about saving livelihoods — offering your employees better ways to achieve healthier lives and financial security — we’re about savings, period.

Evidence is what we’re all about.

At the root of our process is the relentless discipline of digging for evidence. Our RFP proves this. It’s customized to each client's specific program objectives, with due diligence unmatched in the marketplace. And, it provides a level of detail that removes risk and adds comfort. We do more and offer more because we have the tools and expertise to learn more.

The huge change in the non-medical benefits market is imminent.

The demands on your time will only increase as the non-medical benefits market accelerates. Because we dig deeper for evidence, ensuring that your vendors comply with your specific program and pricing requirements, we can save you time AND money. Exactly how much of both will depend on how much you challenge us.

We invite you to submit an RFI and see the Pacific Resources difference.

For more information about our evidence-based methodology, and how it can help you deliver the most enticing, rewarding and bottom line friendly non-medical benefits program to your employees, CLICK HERE.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I appreciated the outstanding work Pacific Resources put into the RFP effort.  Pacific Resources has performed exceptionally well in my opinion and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them. I consider the selection of and the work product produced by Pacific Resources to be some of the real highlights of my work supporting the Benefits team.”

Senior Contracts Manager


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77% of employees who own Life Insurance purchased it through the workplace and 38% purchased it outside the workplace.

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