Benefits Solutions

Why Pacific Resources

Encompassing plan design, process and administration, our benefits solutions are comprehensive and competitive. We leave no strategic or tactical stone unturned, no area of opportunity unexplored.

Services include:

Benchmarking Analysis

Our large presence in the market and our extensive client base provide us with the ability to perform industry-specific benefits surveys as requested by our clients, including the benchmarking of analytics, plan designs and administrative processes against peer companies and other organizations.

Performance Guarantee Analysis and Negotiation

We work with our clients to define their concerns and customize performance guarantees to meet the unique needs of each client. We regularly review and audit performance guarantee metrics against carrier results to confirm our clients’ plans are being administered as promised. We hold each carrier to a higher standard and extend guarantees beyond their basic offering.

Process Mapping and Analysis

Our market presence gives us extensive knowledge of insurance carriers’ administrative capabilities, processes and systems. This allows us to identify opportunities for process improvements based on our clients’ needs and industry standards and best practices, including payroll interface files, enhanced clinical intervention, real-time reporting and access to mission critical information and data integration.

RFP and RFI Services

Having performed RFP and RFI services for 20 percent of the Fortune 500, we achieve superior results when marketing benefits plans that our clients can easily quantify. Our RFP and RFI materials are customized to meet each clients unique needs; this allows us to anticipate the markets reaction and set appropriate expectations prior to releasing the RFP or RFI. Because of the details contained in our RFP and our expertise with the negotiation process used to secure a strong financial quote, we achieve considerable savings for our clients.

Strategic Benefits Plan Design Consulting

Our comprehensive review of benefits offerings identifies opportunities to enhance our clients current benefits package. Whether its cost reduction, increasing the competitiveness of a benefits package or harmonizing the overall benefits offering for active and retired employees, we partner with our clients to help them achieve their benefits plan goals.

Program Implementation

Arguably the most critical aspect of a successful program is implementation, which is one reason why our dedication to our clients plans does not end with the RFP process. We are fully engaged in the implementation process, monitoring the carriers progress, assuring the sold plan design, processes, performance guarantees and rates are implemented correctly, coordinating and proofing communication materials, assuring adherence to the implementation timeline and resolving issues as they arise. Whether moving to a new carrier or implementing a new benefits plan with a current carrier, we are there every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.

Contract and SPD Review and Analysis

Ensuring the accuracy of carrier contracts and provisions is critical, particularly as a new plan is being implemented. We provide a thorough review of all carrier contracts and client SPDs, including written recommendations to assist our client in writing or updating their SPD. We spearhead the development of wrap-around agreements that contain all items agreed upon during sale but not typically included in the carrier’s contract, e.g., performance guarantees, recordkeeping services, data security, etc. When moving to a new carrier, it is especially crucial to ensure that all contract provisions are accurate and reflect the sold plan provisions. We maintain a log of all contract discrepancies and see them through to resolution.



What Our Clients Are Saying

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