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At Pacific Resources, we understand what you’re up against when it comes to non-medical benefits solutions. You’re sometimes overworked, understaffed and are looking for help, better direction and more insight. That’s why we strive to understand your overall benefits goals, and we do it by asking, listening and actively engaging in your specific large-company culture. We’ll help you build the right model, and then stay with you every step of the way, providing more guidance, more evidence and more support.

More employee demands, more pressure on you.

In the past, any offering built around healthcare would have kept most employees satisfied. But now, even as more of the cost is being shifted to them, employees are expecting much more.

And more demand means more pressure on benefits professionals to create and maintain attractive and relevant benefits programs — with no additional time or staff to pull it off.

A strong partner provides complete service.

The traditional advisor approach usually goes something like this: You’re offered a few choices of insurers, and RFPs are prepared and sent. Pricing, most likely based on market generalities versus your specific workforce realities, is approved. Then you’re left to interpret and handle implementation of a benefits program that could be missing something essential. At Pacific Resources, we take a non-traditional approach that instead says “put the burden on us.” We’ll help you consider more progressive options. We’ll look at your process and technology. We’ll review your pricing, products and services. We’ll help you map out and model the right solution. Then, we’ll continually review and look for improvement and opportunity. New ideas will always be thoughtfully considered to help make your programs better, more efficient, less expensive and more competitive.

Test our service model. We are confident that if you just ask, we’ll answer.

Non-medical benefits as a generational performance tool.

At Pacific Resources, we don’t see a non-medical benefits program as a static menu from which employees can pick and choose. We see it as an organic, evolving, highly targeted, generational performance tool for delivering unprecedented levels of job satisfaction which, in turn, bolsters productivity.

Work with Pacific Resources and we’ll not only uncover opportunities that would otherwise be missed, we’ll offer more choice, more customization, more flexibility. And we’ll do it from day one — providing you with the extra manpower and constant recommendations for improvement that ensure ongoing success.

The fact is, we’ve not only got your back, we’ve got you covered from every other point of view. Why are we vigilant on your behalf? Simple. We succeed only when you succeed.

For more information about our unique methodology — and how it relates to delivering the most enticing and rewarding non-medical benefits program on a continuous basis — CLICK HERE to view our Evidence-Based Brochure.

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"Their ability to collaborate with our internal benefits team as well as our insurer on contract and SPD reviews has been superb. Their advisors consistently meet and exceed our expectations."

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Fortune 500 Energy Company

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Overall, the top benefits strategy listed by employers was “expanding wellness, preventative, and work/life balance initiatives.”

Prudential's Seventh Annual Study of Employee Benefits: Today and Beyond